Acta Community Centre

Location Bedminster, Bristol
Size of Installation 84 panels (22kWp)
Year of installation 2016
Bill saving/year £1200


Nestled behind North Street is this theatrical hub, using the arts as a way to support local communities. In addition to their packed schedule of theatrical performances, the site also hosts a calendar of community activities from youth podcast recordings to employment workshops. They also serve as a local food bank distributor. With all this in mind, they see around 15,000 people using the building each year.
Around 45% of electricity produced on site by our solar panels is being used in the building, and this is set to increase as they open up more in the daytime for community groups.

Like many of our sites, ACTA acknowledges that net zero is not the priority of their users. However, they are also keen to put sustainability at the heart of what they are doing and bring people along on the journey. This means ensuring the benefits are clear to the community – eg. building a natural garden space that welcomes wildlife, but also provides a restful place for the locals.

Theatre Director Oliver also knows that their community-owned solar rooftop is a major asset financially to the site:

“Anything that can help us save money is incredibly important to the social impact that we’re trying to make as an organisation”.

Visit ACTA’s website to see the latest show listings and find out how to support their work:


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