Bottle Yard Studios 2 (TBY2)

Location Hengrove, Bristol
Size of Installation 2380 panels (1MW)
Year of installation 2022
Bill saving/year No data yet


Our installation at The Bottle Yard 2 Studios (TBY2) is our largest project to date by some margin. It is believed to be the biggest community-owned solar rooftop installation in the UK and has been compared to having a solar farm 4 stories up in the air! 2380 panels were installed in the autumn of 2022 during the re-development of the Studios and they have a total of 1 Megawatt of generating capacity. TBY2 studios are incredibly proud of the installation and believe it puts them at the forefront of the UK film industry in terms of sustainability and green credentials. The Bottle Yard studios have already been the site of filming for several BBC and Disney+ shows, and the owners only expect this to increase as the solar installation provides additional green credentials to their site.

BEC’s involvement in the project allowed the initial plans for solar installation to be tripled in size as we worked in collaboration with Bristol City Council to maximise the potential of the rooftop. This increased the potential bill savings for TBY2 as well as helping feed additional green energy back into the grid, raising Bristol’s chances of achieving its net zero goals. The Bottle Yard Studios were an exceptional partner in making this installation possible.
To find out more about the incredible facilities they have and their key focus on sustainability please visit:


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