Bristol Indoor Bowls Club

Location Ashton Gate, Bristol
Size of Installation 370 panels (152kWp)
Year of installation 2020
Bill saving/year £5,000


Bristol Indoor Bowls club was our first unsubsided solar scheme. The 370-panel installation to power the local bowls leagues was made possible by the fall in solar panel prices and a positive collaboration with the Bowls Club team. It demonstrated the financial viability of larger-scale community rooftop solar without government support.

The Bowls club now describes themselves as a ‘mini clean energy power station’ and quite right too, they produce over 100,000 kWh per year, around half of which is used on-site. This has contributes to bill savings of £5,000 per year, which has taken the strain off tight budgets and allowed them to focus on upgrading facilities and looking further into what else they can do to make their building greener to help the environment. They are now looking into the possibility of installing on-site batteries and heat storage to maximise the benefits of their solar panels and be a shining example of carbon saving within the community. To find out more about Bristol Indoor Bowls Club and the great work they do visit:


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