Our Community Partners


Solar Farms

Lawrence Weston (4.2 MWp)
Puriton (4.6 MWp)

Rooftop Solar Installations

ACTA Theatre Company, Bedminster (22 kWp)
Brentry and Henbury Children’s Centre (13 kWp)
Bristol Folk House (10 kWp)
Bristol Indoor Bowls Club (152 kWp)
Coniston Community Centre, Patchway (20 kWp)
Easton Community Centre (41 kWp)
Empire Fighting Chance (20 kWp)
Hamilton House (20 kWp)
John Sheppard (138 kWp)
Knowle West Media Centre (25 kWp)
South Bristol Sports Centre (50 kWp)
The Architecture Centre (4 kWp)
Wick Sports Ground (27 kWp)
BEC rooftop solar assets

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