Easton Community Centre

Location Easton, Bristol
Size of Installation 163 panels (42kWp)
Year of installation 2012 & 2016
Bill saving/year £4,670


Our first installation at Easton Community Centre was driven forward by site manager Jon, as part of a 25-year green action plan for the community centre. 72 panels were installed in the summer of 2012. The community centre is always humming with people and activity such as martial arts classes, English conversation clubs or super supper clubs. The bill savings from the panels are greatly appreciated by the Community Centre team and they have a lot of pride in renewable energy the roof produces.

In 2016 we installed an additional 91 panels added to the roof. This was to enable the community centre to become the founding element of the ground-breaking “Owen Square community microgrid”. In this innovative project summer heat is captured and stored for use in the colder winter months using bore holes were drilled in the park behind the community centre.


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