Hamilton House

Location Stokes Croft, Bristol
Size of Installation 88 panels (20kWp)
Year of installation 2011
Bill saving/year £3,800


Our very first project sits on the roof of an iconic 1970s community building. Hamilton House is one big “room of requirement”, hosting coworking spaces, arts studios, and creative or purpose-driven businesses. In the daytime, the café Emmeline serves as a relaxed spot to take a coffee and watch the world go by. By evening, The Canteen draws in music lovers, comedy seekers, life drawers, or just those fancying a drink with friends. With all of these people moving around and activities going on, 100% of the energy produced gets used on-site!

It was initially planned to install the solar panels by crane, but on the day this plan had to be abandoned due to high winds. In the end the team had to carry 150 solar panels up through the building, squeezing through tight loft spaces, just to get to the roof!

Site manager Andrew says he’s proud of what the panels have achieved and that “The view from the top of the building is quite remarkable”. To find out more about the amazing events and projects going on at Hamilton House visit:


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