Our biggest rooftop solar array yet

In Autumn this year we installed what’s believed to be the UK’s largest community-owned solar rooftop. The 1MW array covers the new filming studio facilities run by The Bottle Yard Studios, who are best known for TV productions including The Outlaws, Chloe and Show Trial.


How much electricity do our solar projects generate?

Community energy is all about putting people at the heart of energy. Our investor members help us build clean energy projects, and revenues are reinvested back into local community initiatives.


Are you a school, business or community organisation in Bristol?

Over 1500 investor members have joined our coop already. They are using their investments to make positive, measurable impact for the environment. Find out how you can join.


As a not-for-profit, we put our revenues to good use

Since 2011, we have channelled over £350,000 to community benefit initiatives.


Our projects are generating enough energy to power 3000 homes each year

We’re involved in solar rooftops, solar farms, battery storage and microgrids.


Why invest in renewables?

  • Financial returns on your investment
  • Delivers for the environment
  • Helps our community through a benefit fund
November 21, 2022

How Lawrence Weston is harnessing community energy for social justice

England’s tallest onshore wind turbine will soon be built in Lawrence Weston, northwest Bristol. Reaching 150m tall, it’s nearly at tall as Blackpool Tower, and will […]
November 17, 2022

Opportunity to join the Megawatt Community Energy Fund panel

Want to get more involved in the cooperative? This new opportunity to join the Megawatt Community Energy Fund panel is open to all members (investor shareholders). […]
October 6, 2022

Microgrid Foundry flying high

In 2019 Bristol Energy Coop, along with partners CEPRO and Chelwood Community Energy, established the Microgrid Foundry. Its aim was to establish a replicable way of […]

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