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Invest in Clean, Community-Owned Energy

We are delighted to announce that our seventh community share offer to fund clean, renewable energy installation in the Bristol area is now open for investment.

Our co-op has been developing community-owned, green energy generation since 2011. In that time, we’ve raised over £12million, installed over 9MWp of solar and battery assets, and facilitated over £250,000 of community benefit payments.

With this latest share offer we enter a new era of subsidy-free projects. The Feed-in Tariff support scheme is no longer available to us, but the climate emergency makes the need for renewable energy schemes ever more urgent, so we’re rising to the challenge.

By purchasing shares, you will:

  • Help reduce the impact of climate change & strengthen local energy security
  • Earn interest on your investment (projected 3.5% interest per annum)
  • Participate in the ownership of local renewable energy resources
  • Support investment in community projects

Your investment is in withdrawable shares, valued at £1 each, and you may invest between £100 and £100,000. Each investor receives one vote regardless of the amount invested.

Share offer closes on 31st March 2021


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Bristol Indoor Bowls Club install

Bristol Indoor Bowls Club


Projects overview

BEC has 13 rooftop solar installations across the Bristol region and two ground-mounted solar farms – one in Lawrence Weston in Bristol and one in Somerset. In addition we have a grid-servicing battery installed on a new-build housing development.

The annual output from our solar portfolio is currently: 9,436 MWh (Megawatt Hours). That’s enough to power over 3000 average homes.

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