Water Lilies

Microgrids combine excellent energy efficiency with on-site renewables, energy storage and smart technology. Residents get most of their energy from on-site generation, topping up from the grid when needed, and exporting any excess energy to it. No fossil fuel is used on site.

At Water Lilies BEC funded the grid-scale battery for the microgrid. The Water Lilies project is well-advanced now, with the battery and much of the microgrid infrastructure in place. The first residents are expected to arrive in 2022.

BEC’s partners at this project are Bright Green Futures and Clean Energy Prospector (CEPRO).


Projects overview

BEC has 14 rooftop solar installations across the Bristol region and two ground-mounted solar farms – one in Lawrence Weston in Bristol and one in Somerset. In addition we have a grid-servicing battery installed on a new-build housing development.

The annual output from our solar portfolio is currently: 9,915 MWh (Megawatt Hours). That’s enough to power over 3000 average homes.


Solar Farms

Lawrence Weston (4.2 MWp)
Puriton (4.6 MWp)

Rooftop Solar Installations

ACTA Theatre Company, Bedminster (22 kWp)
Brentry and Henbury Children’s Centre (13 kWp)
Bristol Folk House (10 kWp)
Bristol Indoor Bowls Club (152 kWp)
Coniston Community Centre, Patchway (20 kWp)
Easton Community Centre (41 kWp)
Empire Fighting Chance (20 kWp)
Hamilton House (20 kWp)
John Sheppard (138 kWp)
Knowle West Media Centre (25 kWp)
South Bristol Sports Centre (50 kWp)
The Architecture Centre (4 kWp)
Wick Sports Ground (27 kWp)
The Bottle Yard Studios (999.6 kWp)

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