A selection of recommended podcasts from our team

Regen – Transforming Energy
THE podcast for anyone in the industry to keep up to date with relevant energy topics.

Local Zero – EnergyRev
Dr Matt Hannon and Dr Rebecca Ford 

Commentary on current affairs from Ecotricity Founder, Dale Vince

Green Alliance
Future-focused policy discussions

Freedom Kids
Inspiring snippets from the kids at Felix Road Adventure Playground

Are you retrofitting your home with renewable heating? If so, this highly technical podcast could be very useful

The Colour Green
2019 mini-series interviewing people of colour on the links between climate change and race

More Than a Shop
Series from 2020 giving an insight into a wide variety of co-operatives across the UK

Sustainability meets comedy

Wannabe Greener
Full of advice for living a more sustainable life

Ecology: Tales from the field
Conversations about wildlife conservation, with three episodes focusing on climate change.

The Owl Hoot
Conversations on climate change, sustainability, biodiversity and pollution

The Angry Clean Energy Guy
Entrepreneur Assad Razzouk provides some excellent insight into global energy policy


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