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Your invitation to the community energy revolution

An energy revolution is happening right now. Last year, 500,000 solar panels were deployed around the world every day. But Howard Johns argues our best hope of tackling climate change lies in a new model of community energy generation. Here’s your invitation to join the growing movement.

Howard Johns is a passionate advocate of community energy. Author of The Energy Revolution, he founded and led an award winning solar business and a pioneering community owned energy company. He has campaigned on energy and climate change from treehouses to Parliament.

Towards Energy Democracy

How are people across the world taking back power over the energy sector, kicking-back against the rule of the market and reimagining how energy might be produced, distributed and used? How can the concept of energy democracy be deployed to demand a socially just energy system, with universal access, fair prices and secure, unionised and well-paid jobs? This short video summarises the discussions and outcomes from an international workshop on energy democracy held in Amsterdam in February 2016. Read more here

UK Energy, Emissions & Targets: a talk by Nikki Jones

What’s happening to UK greenhouse gas emissions? What’s the future for oil, coal and gas in the UK? Are current government policies compatible with targets? Nikki Jones, researcher/writer on global energy seeks to answer these questions in this overview of UK energy trends. Watch to find out more about our diverse and overlapping renewable and emission targets and the progress we are making towards them. This is a chance to understand the challenges for the UK and where current government policy is leading us.

Community Solar helping to bring a just transition in the USA

A new business model for residential power enables people to switch to solar without the up-front cost of home installation, a critical step in bringing lower-income Americans into the green fold.


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