A selection of recommended reports from our team

Drawdown Solutions

A book and website featuring an extensive array of impactful measures to reduce greenhouse gases by avoiding emissions and/or by sequestering carbon dioxide already in the atmosphere. The list is comprised primarily of actions that have intrinsic benefits to communities and economies. These initiatives improve lives, create jobs, restore the environment, enhance security, generate resilience, and advance human health.

Zero Carbon Britain: Rethinking the Future

Zero Carbon Britain: Rethinking the Future draws on the Centre for Alternative Technology's 40 years of experience to create technically viable future scenarios. It brings together the latest knowledge from a wide range of disciplines to explore synergies that create employment, increase well-being, have a positive impact on the economy, and future-proof us for the challenge of the 21st century.

Integrate new research in two key areas - 'keeping the lights on' with a variable renewable energy supply, and 'feeding ourselves properly' on a low carbon diet. By combining cutting edge technology with a smart approach to agriculture and land use, energy supply and demand, buildings and transport, it shows that it is possible for the UK to meet the challenge of climate change and to acknowledge our responsibility as a long-industrialised nation to set the pace.

​Zero Carbon Britain

Zero Carbon Britain: Making it Happen

​CAT’s latest research project, Zero Carbon Britain: Making it Happen, explores the economic, cultural and psychological barriers to achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions, and sets out the positive, connected approach we need to overcome them – joining up research and practice across disciplines, borders, sectors and scales.

Zero Carbon Britain: Making it Happen offers a ‘toolbox’ of ideas that can help inspire, inform and enable us to make change happen. Working within an interdisciplinary framework, the report brings together thinking from researchers working in psychology, sociology, political science, economics and other social sciences, as well as faith and spiritual practice, arts and culture. Drawing on a wide range of peer-reviewed journals, books, reports and articles, as well as stories from real-life projects, it explores ways that we can overcome barriers in innovative ways.


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