At Bristol Energy Cooperative we have been developing community-owned, green energy generation since 2011.

In that time, we’ve raised over £14 million, installed over 9MWp of solar and battery assets, and facilitated over £300,000 of community benefit payments.

Our eighth share offer comes in the midst of an energy crisis, and looming climate targets. The energy system feels broken, with fossil fuel giants profiteering whilst households battle rising bills. We’re seeking to shake up the system, by offering people the opportunity to get involved with
meaningful, measurable and community-focused schemes to move us towards a fully decarbonised grid.

We’re looking to raise £2 million, which will go towards funding some exciting new projects including a solar PV array on the newly developed Bristol Beacon, helping achieve its aim of being the UK’s first carbon neutral music venue by 2030, and toward a smart microgrid on a new Cohousing Project in Bridport, which will be the UK’s largest, comprising of 53 sustainable, affordable eco-homes.

With investments, capital is always at risk.

Why Invest in Bristol Energy Coop?


— Help reduce the impact of climate change & strengthen local energy security

 — Earn interest on your investment (Projected 3.5% interest per annum)

— Participate in the ownership of local renewable energy resources

— Support the re-investment of surplus income back into local community projects

Your investment is in withdrawable shares, valued at £1 each, and you may invest between £100 and £100,000. Each of our investors, no matter how much they’ve invested, has an equal say in our running.

Share offer closes 30th June 2022

With investments, capital is always at risk.

“As a family we decided to become members of BEC so that we could feel like we were part of something in the city that is acting on climate and community. We love being able to go for a walk and see some of the projects in action”



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