The Architecture Centre

Location Central Bristol
Size of Installation 15 panels (4kWp)
Year of installation 2016
Bill saving/year £335


The Architecture Centre, down by the waterfront in Bristol’s city centre is occupied by Design West and watched over by passionate General Manager Leon. The top floors of the building contain offices and meeting spaces while the bottom floor is a lively café/bar called The Architect. The venue is part of the bustling hub of Bristol and it regularly hosts talks and events throughout the day and into the evening. For this reason, the large majority of power from the solar panels installed gets used on-site which allows Design West to save over £300 on the bills each year.

General Manager Leon is fully on board with the benefits of the solar panels on their roof and enjoys telling visitors about them over a coffee in the downstairs cafe. He also has a range of other innovative ideas on how the building can improve their green credentials and is keen to maximise the work Design West is able to do for the environment. Its focus is on sustainable city and town planning and it has been doing some amazing work in Bristol and the South West.
To see more about what they do and how to visit and book its private venues visit:


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