Wick Sports Ground

Location Wick
Size of Installation 96 panels (27kWp)
Year of installation 2016
Bill saving/year £390


Wick Sports ground is the home of Wick Football Club, a charity-run sports facility where you’ll find grassroots football being played during the week and county-level league matches each Saturday. The club are proud to have their changing rooms and equipment store powered by solar. With BEC’s support, the sports ground was able to install 96 panels on their roof, which produces over 21,000 kWh every year!

The majority of the sport’s ground’s power usage is during the day, however the solar panels are still saving the charity over £350 per year in bill savings as well as saving over 4 tonnes of carbon. The sports ground has been through tough times to remain a core of the community and has had to battle to stay financially viable, so the bill savings from the panels installed for free by BEC have been a great help.
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